A well travelled postcard

Dear Jenny…

When I was younger, I was a voracious reader. I loved it! It was my escape from reality, as I lived in a small logging town with not a lot of excitement happening.

My reading habits continued into adulthood. at times starting and stopping while I was in college. (Just to clarify, I kept reading but it was for school and not necessarily for pleasure). One day in my travels, I came across some really old postcards. They stood out right away as the writing covered, not only the back, but also the front where the image was. They were also a little crinkly, with some wear on the edges and had that old musty smell.

As soon as I picked them up to have a closer look, I felt an instant connection to the days gone past. They were all written to the same gal, from the same sender and they talked a great deal about their travels, including places they’d been, things that they had done, and what they would soon be up to.

Anyways, so in that moment I too took a little journey . A journey to a much simpler time perhaps? Ever since that day, I have always had a fascination with those story telling postcards. I bought those postcards that day and never looked back. Even now, I still remember the day I got them and just how excited I got to time travel a little to a place I’d never been.

These ones I’ve included in the photos aren’t that exact set, they are still pretty cool and also tell a little story. I purchased them on my recent trip to Canada and I love them. The penmanship is lovely and so are the photographs. Is there a certain type of postcard that you like to collect?

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