A Favorite Postcard

My first blog post! Yay! I could talk about snail mail all day. I really could. Hence, why I started selling postcards. I have collected postcards forever. Some were for myself, and some were for sending out into the world to make someone smile. After I moved abroad with my family, I couldn’t bring my collection with me, but I also couldn’t bare to get rid of them either. Into storage they went and I decided that I would start again once I arrived in NZ.

Fast forward to three years later, my collection (my new one) hasn’t grown that much. I have discovered that one of the best parts of collecting postcards, is also sharing them. When I started co-moderating a postcarding IG page, @postcardsfromthe_edge, I knew that I had to start sending out some of these postcards that I’d been collecting. In doing so, I also received so many wonderful postcards in return and made many friends in the process.

A couple postcards that I received from my friend Gitti. These cards are available from https://www.brigittebaldrian.com

I have received many lovely cards from my friend Gitti, but I really love these ones as they are illustrated animals. I can’t draw, so I love seeing really great illustrations.https://www.instagram.com/gittis.collection/Ā 

The truth is, Gitti has sent me many postcards that I love, so it’s impossible to pick a favorite one. She’s also a really great photographer too! But don’t take my word for it, please visit her page on Instagram and see them for yourself! So until next time, Be Kind, Eat Ice Cream and send some Happy Mail!


  • Anne Arnott

    Hello Jess… After all this time I never knew it was your postcard shop šŸ˜˜šŸ’ššŸ’™.. And if course we met through the IG page Postcards from the Edge..

    You send me fabulous cards and so does Gitti too.. In fact everyone does.. My postcard collection started through my blogging. My fabulous blogger friends, who I have met a few.
    . Which I did for 11 years. Yep!!!! Until my life fell apart (you know the story). But also I now have no laptop (broken). . So my blogging stopped.

    Anyway sorry.. Went off on a tangent.. Well new blog.. A postcard store. šŸ˜. All fabulous. X

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